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SLB (Securities Lending & Borrowing) is a legally approved platform for lending and borrowing of securities. This mechanism is apt for investors who have securities in their DEMAT Account and do not wish to sell them, instead they could lend these securities for a stipulated period of time at a given fee. It is an ideal product for investors who wish to generate additional returns without having to sell their securities. The whole process is guaranteed by the exchanges.

The implication of Corporate Action & Taxation

  • The Lender is entitled for the benefit of all the corporate action such as; Dividend, Bonus, Split, etc.

  • Taxation: Transaction in SLB is not treated as “Transfer” under Indian Income Tax Act. Hence, your long-term and short-term capital gain taxes will remain intact.

  • Team RRS has been exemplary in their SLBM trades ever since July, 2012. Known prior as ALBM, we have been executing both lending and borrowing trades for our clients since its inception. An added advantage for our clients is that we are depository participants hence ensuring a timely pay in obligation on their behalf.

Why should you choose RRS?

  • We at RRS have a dedicated team that focuses on SLB trades and informs our client of any opportunity that arises for them. Receiving timely information about your stocks and their demand is of utmost importance in order to receive the optimum returns.

  • We are here to act as a catalyst to help you achieve your financial goals hence, we do not hard-sell. Instead, we present opportunities with great returns taking our investor's risk appetites into consideration

  • Our depository and trading teams come together to provide smooth and stress-free trade settlements for our esteemed clientele.

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Depository Participant (‘DP’) is an agent or the registered stockbroker of a depository namely, Central Depository Securities Limited (CDSL) or National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). A person cannot contact the depository directly, hence a DP is the link between the depository and the investors. Depository manages the securities on behalf of the investors in the form of shares, debentures, Government securities, bonds, mutual fund units, etc. in an electronic form and provides services in relation to these securities.

RRS is a SEBI registered DP of CDSL. The day you open a demat account at RRS, is the day you put your worries regarding your instruction slips to rest. We became an intermediary of CDSL in the early 2000’s as we had envisioned the importance of bringing both depository and trading services under one umbrella for the utmost comfort and convenience of our clients.

Why should you choose RRS?

  • Even though we are one of the very few SEBI registered DP’s, we charge a very humble fee for our depository services as we believe in providing quality services to our client’s.

  • At RRS, you can settle your trades in a automated hassle free manner and do not have to provide an instruction slip for trades executed.

  • We instantly transfer all your co-operate benefits such as bonus, split, dividend and others directly into account. Making this experience even more rewarding for our clients.

  • We at RRS are here to give you the most holistic experience by providing an efficient pledge- unpledge mechanism in order to comply with your margin obligations.

  • Our website is user friendly and accessible in order for our clients to view and download their holding valuations, transaction statements, ledger, bill summary and many other documents at a time and place of their convenience for our clients by fulfilling their pledge- unpledge.

To avail our depository services Reach out to our experienced team members.

Mutual fund is a type of financial instrument, which collects money from multiple investors and invests in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other asset classes. An ideal instrument for goal oriented investors who do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick multi bagger stocks. Mutual funds are steered by professional fund managers who aim to maximise your returns with minimum risk. These investments give you the advantage of professional management, diversification, liquidity and tax benefits at a lower transaction cost.

Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a big pizza. The owner of a mutual fund unit gets a proportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, income and expenses.

We at RRS aim to guide our clients through this difficult investment maze via the easiest and the most efficient route to achieve their monetary goals in a timely manner. Our quick, paperless online platform helps you invest from the comfort of your home. Our full proof process commences with understanding your requirements, assessing your risk appetite and then creating a sustainable financial plan that helps you invest in mutual fund schemes that are best suited to achieve your financial objectives. We are associated with all major fund houses and maintain a long standing rapport with all major asset management companies. We pride ourselves on providing regular insights regarding your investments and making your investment process easier and convenient.

Why should you choose RRS?

  • The major reasons that we stand victorious over other mutual fund distributors, are that over the past three decades we have always given our unbiased recommendations, frowned upon unnecessary roll over and yet maintain a perfect goal achievement score for our clients.

  • At RRS, not only do we use the latest, state of the art software systems but we also possess the resources to share the same with our clients, our dedicated mutual fund team consist of AMFI certified and experienced personnel, who are here to convert your goals into reality. Our team members have been trained under leading asset management companies and are now implementing their acquired skills for our clients benefit.

  • Along with being empanelled with major fund houses we are also a depository participant, enabling our clients to hold their mutual fund investments along with their other investments in dematerialised format (DMAT), aiding them to view their overall portfolio and obtain a consolidated holding statement at a click of a button.

To achieve your financial goals with utmost convenience and ease Reach out to our mutual fund team.

Non Resident Indian (NRIs) and a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) can purchase and sell shares or convertible debentures of Indian companies on Stock Exchanges under the Portfolio Investment Scheme.

Investing in India can be beneficial for NRIs because of its rapid economic growth, diversification, high interest rates and its booming mutual fund industry. In today’s volatile economy, the NRI investments made in the Indian stock markets is considered safer than the other available options as our stock markets are transparent, well regulated, and quite stable compared to other global economies. Though there are certain challenges that NRIs may face while opening the required NRE or NRO bank account, Demat account, with our NRI assistance services it can be a cakewalk. You can invest in different asset classes as well as diversify your investment portfolio in India at a blink of an eye with our assistance. Team RRS strives for perfection in trying to make our investment procedure seamless and hassle free for our esteemed clientele. We provide guidance at every step, right from commencing the paper work required to open your trading and demat account to establishing your PIS bank account. As team RRS, we are your one stop solution for your investment needs providing services such as:


  • Depository participant
  • Trading in shares and securities
  • Mutual Fund Investments
  • IPO application
  • Banking Support for Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)

Why should you choose RRS?

  • We understand that tracking your Indian investments may be difficult especially when you are located outside India, hence we provide an online software which enables you to view your consolidated holding i.e. stocks and mutual fund valuation online anywhere and at any time.

  • It is important that your trades are executed seamlessly without any hassle, for which we have provided a dedicated NRI / PIO support desk available for our patronage of NRIs and PIOs residing all over the globe.

  • Communicating with relationship managers can be difficult keeping in mind the time difference and language barriers, not with us though. Our executives are trained to be accommodating, multilingual and our available at your service round the clock to overcome these issues.

Do not hesitate at any time, Reach out to our NRI/PIO service team to invest in the Indian markets.

We understand that it’s not always possible for clients to trade offline and hence we provide our clients with secured online trading platform which is desktop/laptop enabled and functions smoothly on mobiles (Android and IOS).

We offer a lot of options for trading online like trading on NSE/BSE cash market trading and derivatives trading.

Features of trading online

  • Real time price quotes and updates
  • Historical charts and technical tools
  • Place After Market Order
  • Constant Flow of Industry news and developments
  • View your Holding and Valuation online
  • Check margin requirements and transfer funds online

To secured online trading Reach out to us

Institutional broking is when brokers buy and sell securities for institutions such as, Pension funds, mutual fund, insurance companies, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and such other Institution. The broking house has to be empanelled with such institutions to execute the trades on their behalf.

At RRS, we provide an array of services to multiple institutional investors, Alternate Investment Funds and Portfolio Managers and execute their trades immaculately across exchanges (NSE &BSE).

Why should you choose RRS?

  • We understand that the foundation of any business is based on Trust and Transparency; hence we vow to maintain complete trust, transparency and confidentiality in all our dealings.

  • We are empanelled with reputed institutions globally and we build and maintain long lasting affiliation based on Trust and Transparency with such institutions which act as an important aspect of our success.

  • We have set up a core team consisting of proficient and dedicated people who recognize the importance of confidentiality and focus only on institutional broking.

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Initial public offering is the process by which a private company can raise funds for expansion or working capital requirement, by offering ownership to the general public in the form of shares in their venture. It could be a young company or an old company which decides to be listed on an exchange and hence goes for an IPO.

We at RRS encourage our clients to apply for any IPO of their choice with convenience and ease through our website, making it completely paperless and time efficient.

Why should you choose RRS?

  • Customer is king, we toil to provide an absolutely hassle free, purely online based application process for your convenience.

  • We at RRS would like to boost upcoming companies and support the growth of the Indian economy hence we will not levy brokerage fees on the application of IPO’s.

  • Existing clients of ours have it even easier, as they need not even fill the complete application form. We prefill details as per their existing account details provided to us for a smooth and quick process.

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Stockbroking is a service which gives retail and institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell equities across exchanges, majority of these transactions are executed by SEBI registered intermediaries known as stock brokers.

RRS Shares and Stock Brokers Pvt.Ltd. is a SEBI registered broker and members of both, the Bombay Stock Exchange as well as the National Stock Exchange and provide trading Platform for EQUITY, DERIVATIVES (equity and currency) and SLB. Once you are registered with RRS as a client, you can buy and sell shares across exchanges in a jiffy. Along with our multiple services to help you grow your wealth and tap into your optimum potential we also offer the Best price execution facility that is we execute the trade either on BSE or NSE where ever the Best price is available.

Why should you choose RRS?

  • RRS is a third generation family business of qualified and knowledgeable stock brokers we are the perfect amalgamation of experience , skills and knowledge that started in the early 1980s in the stock exchange ring and has since evolved along with the markets and its time into this blossoming business.

  • Not to blow on our own trumpet but being trustworthy is one of our crowning jewels; this can be attested by our long standing relationships with all our clients, extending now to the second and third generations.

  • Our supportive and readily available team will always give the most appropriate unbiased opinion and guide you while dealing with the turbulent markets, in fact they are waiting to steer you onto the path of financial success.

  • Trading with RRS has multifaceted benefits. Along with trading we also cater to your demat requirements enabling you to execute and settle your trades conveniently all under one roof.

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